Workforce Partnerships

Carna Resources Group is a knowledge workforce development company.   We manage cost sharing partnerships programs with local small businesses, private, academic and government sectors to provide high quality and competitive products in ways not feasible unilaterally.   The Carna Group specialize in adding value to open source knowledge for sustaining healthy echo systems in local knowledge workforce development pipelines.  Read More


Purposeful Education  

The Carna Group is a network of local businesses and Shared Interest Communities (SIC) that bridge gaps for transition between charitable philanthropy and tax-paying enterprises.   We employ best businesses practices for navigating ebbs and flows of our global marketplace that neighborhood communities view as important to their local knowledge workforce pipeline and related quality-of-life development.   Read More 


Growth: Life-ling Learning

In the wake of a global digital market economy, our systems enable seamless interaction across boundaries of formal education, informal learning, purposeful workforce and quality-of-life development.   To this end, Carna Resources provide the capacity for individuals to maintain continuous growth and relevance.   For many neighborhood communities or villages this global reality makes education (creation, transfer, and use of knowledge) more a life-long journey than a destination with permanent guarantees to privileges or social status.  Read More